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So, then, I was lucky to be able to have my milestone timepieces, such as when we received the first Halliburton briefcase with the very first 12 Bell & Ross prototypes.

For 2015, one limited edition version of the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision watch is available in 18k white gold in a set of 22 pieces. If we know anything about Greubel Forsey, future limited edition versions of the Vision will come in other case materials and dial colors. I am looking forward to an 18k red gold version with a black dial – which I have a feeling we might see down the line at some point. Price for the Tourbillon Vision in white gold is €290,000 or around 5,

4N Sapphire Planet Watch

4N Sapphire Planet Watch

Let me be clear: I love it. But I love it because it reminds me of one of my grail watches, the De Bethune DB28 Skybridge (hands-on here), which also features a similar, tonneau shaped case with sloping, skeletonized lugs. But is it acceptable for two brands to peddle such similar designs? In fairness, the hands of watch designers are tied to a great extent (the case and lugs have to fit within certain boundaries in order to retain functionality), and it is worth remembering that although these brands look very similar from directly above, one need only turn them to one side to see the marked differences. The De Bethune watches appear to be more elegantly built, with the articulated lugs performing a separate and rare function; Frédéric Jouvenot, who has utilized the same case before, sticks with a far more robust build. On a most personal note, in my quest to design what I would consider to be the perfect watch, I conceived a case that was borderline identical to the Frédéric Jouvenot Sîn, before discarding it on the grounds it was too similar to De Bethune. Now, I believe I made a mistake. The Frédéric Jouvenot Sîn is sufficiently different and engaging without the comparison to De Bethune. They probably appear more similar in press photos than they do in person, not to mention on the wrist.

Having said that, none of the more experimental, modern, or utilitarian watches Movado produced that were inspired by the original Movado Museum Dial felt as complete or successful as the original design concept created by the American Jewish-Russian immigrant Nathan George Horwitt. With the Movado Museum Dial Classic, we see a relatively pure return to the core theme that made these watches - which experienced huge popularity in the 1990s - as appealing as they were. Is the watch world ready for a return of the Movado Museum Dial watch? Perhaps it is wise to first look at some the the history behind it.

Movado Museum Dial Watch Ready For A Return? Movado Thinks So: Its History & Horwitt's Struggle Watch Releases
Nathan George Horwitt looking at his personal Museum Dial watch
Movado Museum Dial Watch Ready For A Return? Movado Thinks So: Its History & Horwitt's Struggle Watch Releases
Musuem Dial Clock designed by Nathan George Horwitt for the MoMA in New York (Image credit: MoMa)

Necessary Data
>Brand: F.P. Journe
>Model: Chronometre Souverain
>Price: ,000 (as tested)
>Size: 40mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: I'd really want someone to discover the brand for themselves rather than me recommend it to them, but if I needed to, it would be someone frustrated with the smoke and mirrors marketing of the luxury watch world looking for an approachable brand that seems to make a lot of sense.
>Best characteristic of watch: Extremely well considered timepiece with beautiful elements from all angles and a lot of lasting power.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Design is the right amount of quirky for me, but not everyone will love it - which is perhaps a good thing. It is easy to wish it was more accessibly-priced.

My First Grail Watch: Carlos Rosillo

My First Grail Watch: Carlos Rosillo

Oris 110 Years Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Bremont Watch Company was founded in Henley-On-Thames, Great Britain in 2002 by Nick and Giles English, brothers with a sincere love of modern engineering and vintage aviation, as well as a perfectly appropriate last name. The name Bremont – French in origin – comes from the familial name of a farmer who sheltered the brothers and their 1930s biplane after an emergency landing on his property in the late 1990s (it turned out that the elderly Mr. Bremont had been a wartime pilot) Thankful for his hospitality and kinship, the brothers named their startup watch company in his honor.

Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Here's the deal: if you have an extra 35,000 Swiss Francs (or the currency equivalent thereof) laying around, you are more than likely going to want a MB&F Melchior robot clock if you are even remotely interested in the mechanical horological subject matter of aBlogtoWatch. That's a big "if," though, because about US,000 (at the time of writing) isn't chump change. It is, however, a price that at least 99 people are going to be more than eager to dedicate towards having this "roboclock" in their home or office. So, let's take a closer look at the newest clock creation to come out of the partnership between Swiss MB&F and also Swiss L’Epée.

The case back once again contains a sapphire crystal, showing off the in-house movement and the racing-car-alloy-inspired winding rotor proudly carrying the "Sixty-eight hours power reserve" designation. IWC being among the best when it comes to creating beautifully crafted – and strikingly cool looking – rotors to adorn its movements, this piece with the added text looks a bit "unusual" compared to the much more impressive rotors we have grown used to seeing on the Portuguese Annual Calendar or other limited editions such as this perpetual dedicated Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a faithful but modern take on the Rolex Oyster model that Rolex launched in 1926. The Rolex Oyster was, quite famously, the first waterproof watch in the world. That lineage can be seen in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual's straightforward and practical design. Legibility is strong and the dial design offers nothing more than is necessary to display the time.

2015 sees the release of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Minute Repeater watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most revered names in watchmaking and is fondly referred to as “La Grande Maison,” which can be loosely translated as The Great Manufacture. In its rich 182-year history, the company has created over a thousand calibers, registered 400 or so patents and has numerous inventions credited to its name. And for the most part of the past century, it even provided movement blanks to Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin. The caliber 920 is a great example of this and is still used even today by Audemars Piguet in Reference 15202 Extra-thin Royal Oak, also known as the “Jumbo.”

The Garmin Fenix 2 is Garmin's second version of what could be its most wearable sports watch. What I mean is that while some folks reading this blog would not be caught dead wearing a Timex Ironman watch (which, as a side note, happened to be President Bush’s watch while in office), I feel that the Garmin Fenix 2 would easily be the kind of watch that watch aficionados (such as us) would actually wear as a daily beater. The styling is reminiscent of some Casio ProTrek watches while having its own unique look. It is a big watch, coming in at 49 mm diameter, 19 mm high, and with lug-to-lug measurement just over 60 mm.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Midnight Express Watch – And 43' Boat! Hands-On

Diamonds and highly complicated watches can serve as wearable conveyances of power. At the end of the day, that is what status and social symbols are there for. First, it is about attracting a mate, and after that, it is all about telling fellow humans around you that you have some power over them or privileges they don't. We all want power and we all get irritated at others who have power (especially when we feel that they don’t deserve it). Love it or hate it, Jacob & Co. watches are about Mr. Arabo's talented way of producing designs that convey this very well. This, after all, is the guy who just came out with a watch called the Billionaire Tourbillon.

Angelus U10 Tourbillon Lumiere Watch Marks Brand's Official Return Watch Releases


Hublot MP-12 Key Of Time Skeleton Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Victor Marks: The first time my interest in watches was revived, it was the 007 Seamaster that I had the clone of (now sold). The second time my interest re-awoke, it was the Rolex Milgauss ref. 6541 with a smooth bezel instead of the rotating bezel.

Alright, that's enough about the strap. One very great thing about a larger case like on the Longines Avigation is the fact that the dial can be larger as well. Combine that with the crisp white-on-black as we have here, and you have a very legible dial. This is helped along by the appropriately-sized handset (at least in terms of length, as the hands could, perhaps, be a touch wider) that stands out in stark contrast to the dial.

Like I said, on paper, the Blancpain Villeret Tourbillon Volant Une Minute 12 Jours watch sounds excellent - and, of course, the good news is that it delivers in reality. Someone looking for various features will have a lot to enjoy here. Listing off some of the features are: 42mm wide in precious metal, enamel dial, hand-engraved decoration, power reserve indicator, automatic self-winding movement, 12 days of power reserve, tourbillon, silicon balance spring, and available limited edition model. Sounds pretty good, if that is how you quantify what you look for in timepieces.

At 43mm wide, the Citizen Signature Grand Classic 9184 has a nice medium feel to it, even though the case is relatively thick. Look closely around the side of the case, and you'll see a inner ring with a coined-edge to it which is an interesting detail. Citizen also offers the Citizen Signature Grand Classic 9184 on both a steel bracelet or a brown crocodile strap. I rather like the watch on both but I will say that a design such as this does look rather handsome on a glossy crocodile strap (especially with the brown dial).

Bulova Bellecombe Watch For Women Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph isn't new to white ceramic, actually, but hopefully, the Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon will do better than the last one. In 2012, Omega debuted a white version of the Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watch (hands-on here) that I understand was never commercially released. I really like that model, but agree that the Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon that matches the white ceramic dial and bezel insert with a fully white zirconium oxide case does it even better. It is entirely possible that in 2012 the world simply wasn't ready yet for a white Speedmaster. My understanding is that, since then, it has finally become cool to wear white men's sports watches (which I've personally been saying is cool for over five years now - so, pat on the back, Ariel).

Inside the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch is the caliber JCAM09 manually-wound tourbillon movement with fully skeletonized bridges. Time is displayed via the blued hand with diamond hour markers (of course). Under 12 o'clock is a skeletonized mainspring barrel (72 hours of power reserve) and the 3Hz tourbillon sits over 6 o'clock. The entire movement is made up of 167 parts. I think it goes without saying that a timepiece like the Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch needed to have a tourbillon - it just wouldn't be the same with out it.

Arnold & Son DTE Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time Watch For 2015 Watch Releases

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Frédérique Constant Worldtimer Watch Hands-On: Feeling Blue Hands-On

Leaving these dry specifications aside for a moment, we must bring in the argument of which of the two are more versatile. The Rolex Submariner has for ages been touted as the all-rounder watch that looks as good with a suit as it performs well in the open sea. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual tones things a bit down with an aesthetic that is a bit more formal, albeit, with its three-piece Oyster bracelet and smooth bezel, it still shows quite a bit of old-school strength that makes it not look out of place when taken out of air conditioned offices.

Hong Kong, the biggest market for watches, will also have an automotive theme and the Hong Kong exhibit will celebrate TAG Heuer’s long tradition of sponsoring a top professional driver. Some drivers that TAG Heuer has sponsored include the late Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and more. The highlight here is a special edition Heuer Carrera Indianapolis from 1965.

TAG Heuer 'Heuer Globetrotter' Exhibition In 10 Global Cities Shows & Events
Sydney centerpiece exhibit, 1957 Heuer Ring Master