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Gustafsson & Sjögren Blizzard and Aurora Watches Are So "Metal" Watch Releases

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Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic For 2009: Return Of A Classic, Again Watch Releases
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I don't exactly know why Seiko wanted to make a watch for the occasion, but it was around the time the Spring Drive movement was still new, and they needed some publicity. Whatever the reason, they made this awesome timepiece, specially made to be used in free space (not just in a pressurized shuttle). The watch uses the Spring Drive movement and is in a large 48.7 titanium case. Big and very light at 92.5 grams. The watch comes on the fabric Velcro strap and is made to be worn over a large space suit (as you can see).

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The black and white Storm Troopers watch is my favorite as it looks like an actual part of the Storm Troopers plastoid armor outfit. It comes complete with an imperial (empire) logo on the crown - also know as the "dark side" logo. The other Storm Troopers watch (maybe actually the same watch)  is more an homage to the clonarrific soldiers with bad aim complete with a helmet on the dial. The colors are odd though, and look either to either be one of two things. Either it is a different colored version of the black and white Storm Troopers watch, or alternatively a "dark shot" of the watch as it might show the luminated dial and a strap that glows in the dark. This watch does has the Star Wars logo on it, and again the Marc Ecko logo.

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Extraordinary Series Watches For 2010 Shows & Events

Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights Watch Industry News

Lastly, any software is an ongoing commitment. You don't just make it and then forget it. All apps are software and are thus never really done. If one commits to an application, they also commit to updating it and fixing issues down the road. The second the consumer notices that a brand has a mobile phone application, they will expect it to be updated often and in a timely manner with ALL new products and some news.  If a brand isn't able to keep their website up to date with good information, they surely aren't going to be able to handle an iPhone app.

Parmigiani Will Use Bubbles To Prevent Watch Replicas With Prooftag Watch Industry News

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All-black is the new black. Bell & Ross was a pioneer in this respect, and helped make the low-contrast style as popular as it is today.

The mineral crystal is domed a bit adding to the quality feel of the watch. It is really quite a looker to be honest. Something women will be proud to wear, and something you'll be proud to give them. The strap really makes the watch complete. It is leather and brown on the edges and back. A almost patent leather surface in white lines the top of the watch. The white shininess of the strap goes well with the white shininess of the mother of pearl dial. The watch is also available in other colors - with brown, red, or  another version with a white dial but black (instead of rose gold) colored numerals. In my opinion this Orient Ladies Automatic CDB01005W with the rose gold tones is the best of the bunch.

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LUM-TEC Lumzilla Watches Are Coming Watch Releases

Written by Marco who sells Bell & Ross Watches at Matt Baily.

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 7 – Our 2009 Holiday Buying Guide

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 7 – Our 2009 Holiday Buying Guide

See IWC watches on Amazon here. IWC Wins Reader Voted Best Luxury Watch Brand On Luxist Announcements

IWC Wins Reader Voted Best Luxury Watch Brand On Luxist Announcements
RARE IWC 1930s to 1940s PROBUS Ladies Steel Wristwatch Case NEW OLD STOCK

A while ago this interesting LED watch was being displayed as a concept in Japan. I talked about it here in my excitement. Myself, and many others got really excited at the concept - though it had a few questionable characteristics that seemed to keep it from being practical. The big issue being power consumption, that I did of course mention. 100% even did exactly what I suggested they do, and that is display the time "on demand." This way you can maximize battery life by only displaying the LED lights when you want to see them (by pressing some button most likely) - saving battery life. Not sure where the button is going to be placed though.

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The grade 316L stainless steel case is going to be a large 50mm wide and 100 meters water resistant. The crystal on both sides will be sapphire and "super" anti-reflective coated on the dial for nice glare-free viewing (a must). LUM-TEC's MDV (maximum darkness visibility) lume just keeps getting better. The Lumzilla comes with the newest generation LUM-TEC MDV GX luminant on the hands and dial. You can tell how richly the luminant has been applied. The cases is also available in a black PVD coated version.

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PVD Application To Spruce Up A Watch Watch Style

Red8 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The reasons why people want to blacken their watches varies, but it usually comes down to being able to have a unique watch. People with large collections often alter watches that they have stopped wearing to revitalize them and bring back the joy of wearing them. Others envision what some of the watches we have in stock would look like in black and purchase them for that reason. Watches who's styles have faded into the fashion archives can be modernized with the treatment.

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Alain Silberstein Tourbillon Volante White Enamel Dial and Case Work of Art
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MB&F And Alain Silberstein HM2.2 "Black Box" Watch Watch Releases
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MB&F And Alain Silberstein HM2.2 "Black Box" Watch Watch Releases
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Vulcain Diver X-Treme Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

A lot of the design ethic of Roger Dubuis watches reminds me of Versace. Both literally and figuratively. See for example the pattern on the sides of the rubber strap and you know what I mean. Roger Dubuis is also humorous with their watches. There is something fun and at the same time sully about the watch. You need to relax and take the piece not so seriously, even though it does have a lot to be impressed with. It is important to appreciate the watch on various levels, technically, horologically, and artistically. You get a hint of this sentiment by the name that Roger Dubuis places on the rear of the watch, "Tourbidiver." The very notion of a tourbillon in a diver's watch is silly, so you need to appreciate it for the humor in the concept. Plus, the watch is a true diver's watch with a rotating diver's bezel, as well as 300 meters of water resistance.

The rose gold tones of the dial and steel case are nice. The caseback is in polished steel. I would have liked for Orient to tone the caseback in the same color, but this is actually rarely done. The crown of the watch is very thin, but wide enough to use easily. I got back and forth between whether or not I like the thin crown as it helps keep the profile of the watch svelte, or whether I would like a more substantial crown. The look of the thin crown is growing on me, and is actually very retro is fashion. The watch case itself is 37mm wide - a great size for a women's watch making it anything but petite, though not at all "massive." It looks really nice on the feminine wrist.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Sets Up Dedicated Site For Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie Watch, To Make Case For .5 Million Purchase Watch Industry News

The two new models are the Blizzard 010 and the Aurora 009 watch. The numbers seems to indicate what model the watches are in chronological order. You can tell that GoS is newer, and is careful about releasing models. Both of the watches share the same thick 44mm wide steel cases and have either mesh metal or leather straps. The differences are in the dials. Both employ unique forms of Damascus metal forgery. The Blizzard has a titanium chapter ring cut like jagged teeth that double as the hour markers. There is a small signature circular blade shape that is the subsidiary seconds dial. Really no two of the watches will ever look alike. The blued steel hands are a nice chilly scene to go with the "Blizzard" name. Next is the Aurora 009 watch that has a more classic look mixed with the chemical tones of steel with dark hues and greens. Instead of a titanium chapter ring, the Aurora has titanium cylinders on the dial that make up the hour markers like raised columns.