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Eva Leube Ari Watch Hands-On

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Blancpain's intent is to create just one of each watch. I don't think too many will be made, with the brunt of the production taking place in 2011. If you want a special piece like this you should contact Blancpain soon. To see about ones made for your market check with a local Blancpain boutique. No Blancpain boutique near you? Consider it special order time...

Breitling Transocean Watch Hands-On

Breitling Transocean Watch Hands-On

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Watch consumers who visit retailers with knowledge about watches are often being educated by the watch media - these days mostly online. Watch retailers are an essential part of offering consumers hands-on experiences and offering answers to questions that consumers have. Though more often than not, watch retailers are purchase stops rather than destinations for watch consumers - and they must be given good reasons to enter watch stores in the first place. Retailers, brands, and the watch media should work together more closely to better understand what the customer experience is like, and how to better improve consumer education and interest in watches.

Bell & Ross Vintage Original BR 126 Watch Review

Bell & Ross Vintage Original BR 126 Watch Review

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Former Timex brand TX has turned into the Timex Intelligent Quartz collection. This is the Traveller World Time reference T2N614, and it comes in a 43mm wide black case with bracelet. Functions include time zones around the world with summer and winter time and Timex's Indiglo luminant. Retail price is 0.

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Coste just completed a new dive record by diving to 150 meters into the Don Ojos cenote (cave network) under Yucatan in Mexico. Coste, a Venezuelan native, dove down using minimal equipment. I have placed some videos here of his other dives - and you can see him wearing an Oris watch in them.

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Arnold & Son TB88 “Inside Out” Watch

Arnold & Son TB88 “Inside Out” Watch

The Maxime Manufacture Lady is elegant, but not in a highly feminine way. I mean it does have mother-of-pearl, and diamonds, but it is basically a shrunken down men's model with jewelry accents. This isn't necessarily bad, but it better suited toward women who want a woman's version of a men's watch. Plus, there are certainly men who will be happy to wear a 39mm wide watch like this with the jewelry elements. I hear stories that brands tell me about the Asian market where men are often drawn to pieces such as this. That is why you see so many watches referred to as being "unisex." That way the pieces don't corner themselves into a gender role. The strap on these women's pieces is galuchat (stingray).

The Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition watch dial is fine. Nothing spectacular, but attractive with its blue hands and longitude and latitude lines engraved into the dial. Notice the Accutron Spaceview style lugs used on the case. One change I would make is nixing the crescent moon style end to the GMT hand. Not only do I not like these hands, but they are typically used for static indicator that jump (like a periphery date indicator). In this case it is being used for a constantly moving hand which in meant to precisely point to one spot - not frame something. This feels like a rather large design oversight in my opinion.

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Paul Picot offers these new C-Type Yachtman watches for 2011. The naming schemas confuse me. The C-Type I know, but I am not sure whether these are C-Type and Yachtman watches, or C-Type Yachtman watches!? Screw it, I'm just going to use the Yachtman name for now. Yachtman 3 to be exact - which sounds like an awful movie name. The watches are still cool looking, though, and this year they make equal jabs at Rolex and IWC wanting to be something like a Submariner or Aquatimer.

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The hour numerals aren't the only new thing here, either. For 2011 Breguet releases a titanium version of their Type XXI 3810 aviator watch (also a better designed and working version of the XXII!). Breguet has a wonderful eye for detail and when they make a mistake with something, they quickly fix it. The grade 5 titanium used for the case is well machined, offering the style of the steel model with the lightness and grayer color of titanium. The titanium Type XXI comes on either a leather strap or a titanium bracelet. Both look quite stunning. Leave it to Breguet to make a masculine watch that you can freely call "pretty."

This here is the Edmond Pole Guardian watch. When I first learned about it I was taken by the innovative dial, and then I started to ask myself what the name meant. It sort of sounds like a car racing term - like "pole position" - but I don't think that is it. Perhaps it is in honor of a flag pole that needs protection? Not likely. In fact the name has to do with protecting the Earth's poles. How it protects our planet's poles, I am not sure, but it is certainly a nice gesture.

As I mentioned, the Master Collection Retrograde watch is available in many versions. Another option is Arabic numeral hour markers instead of the Roman numerals on this model. You should know this because even Longines' own Master Collection Retrograde watch micro-website doesn't make it clear how many models there are in the growing collection. I recommend these as nice looking classically styled timepieces that don't require a ludicrous amount of cash to own. Even as a classic watch it makes for a nice daily wear (though lume would have been nice). Price for this enjoyable Master Collection Retrograde watch from Longines is a reasonable ,200.

HYT Watch Teaser – Who Are The Hydro Mechanical Horologists?

HYT Watch Teaser – Who Are The Hydro Mechanical Horologists?

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Lot 23 was the Ikepod Hour Glass. A couple weeks ago I wrote:

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Next are new IWC Spitfire collection Pilot watches. These have been part of the range for along time and being updated in terms of complexity and size. They also now sport some cool in-house movements whereas the Spitfire was often seen as a nice entry-level IWC Pilot watch. The new new Spitfire models are the Spitfire Chronograph at 43mm wide with an in-house chronograph movement and the very interesting new Spitfire Perpetual Digital Date-Month Calendar. That one is likely the most interesting of the new Pilot watches as the in-house movement has a nicely integrated perpetual calendar and chronograph that are nicely managed on the same dial. There are large big digital indicators (well labeled) for the date and month registers.