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The idea for the Diavolo seemed to be the creation of a bold and ubiquitously appealing watch that current Marcello C. fans as well as strangers to the brand could enjoy. The initial phase of design was probably the selection of a movement, which is the highly capable ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic mechanical movement. To me, this is the most comfortable chronograph movement to operate. Press the start pusher on the Diavolo and a large legible second counter hand begins to slide around the face of the watch. I would have liked to see some luminant on the seconds hand for the chronograph complication, but it is so thin, this would have been difficult, and widening it wold have detracted from the overall look. You can measure up to 12 hours of time with the accuracy of 1/5 of a second. The upper and lower registers on the face count minutes and hours, and are easy to see. Marcello C. made a wonderful decision to invert the minute counter so that the hand, while in the default position points down, not up. The hand on the lower hours register points up, so that the chronograph hands point to each other (to the center of the watch), while not in use. This little change drastically improves the symmetry of the watch, and looks quite cool doing so.

E-ink is incredibly battery friendly because it only uses power when it redraws itself. There is no need for back-lighting or constant energy consumption. You can have it set to redraw only on each minute, which extends the battery life several years. The Seiko Spectrum is essentially an interesting concept watch in production form. It is beautiful, eye catching, and unexpected. The numbers are drawn in a fanciful cursive writing that takes some getting used to. The idea is not legibility, but rather a presentation of what e-ink can, and will continue to offer innovative watch makers such as Seiko.

This is a good way to combine a love of art, the steampunk, aesthetic, and watch collecting. Using a mechanical analog movement, the artist has combined a number of features making this a fully functional piece of art, which happens to be very trendy among many circles as steampunk is very "in" right now. For those of you who have missed out on Olga's creations before, here is another chance.

Omega watches

Years from now I'll see a DeWitt WX-1 in a museum, as it is of that quality. I'll think to myself lucky as having had the time to experience it when it was new, a product available for purchase, even if only for the super rich. Leonardo DaVinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh were all artists with work for sale at some point. The DeWitt WX-1 watches may be a creation of several artists, not just one; but like works by these other masters, the few examples will one day reach a place when they too will seem like absolute bargains at their original prices.

In addition you have a big date display and two vertical gauge indicators for two other time zones. This is nicely done, but also not a first. It might take some getting used to reading the time in this format though. Having said all that, I return to my previous point that this is a showpiece watch meant for a desk or alike. While it is useful as daily timepiece, I doubt even Hysek would recommend that. Instead, this is a serious statement for complexity, and Swiss watch maker's own brand of science fiction. The character of this watch is enough to appreciate it, beyond merely being impressed by the price. Take for instance the "traditional" power reserve indicators used in the watch. There are at least two mainsprings in this watch that are visible under reserve magnifiers on the face. Instead of looking at a power reserve gauge, you just look to see how tightly wound the spring coils are. If they are loose, you wind it. A very simple method, but effective, and I like how Hysek emphasized it by placing them under magnifiers.

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Marcello C. Nettuno 3 Review: About The Best Watch Available For Under 00 MSRP

Marcello C. Nettuno 3 Review: About The Best Watch Available For Under 00 MSRP

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New Breil Mediterraneo Watch Adds Dash Of Deck Wood Style, Really  Watch Buying Breil Milano is one of the few "fashion watch" brands that I take a keen interest in. The Italian watch designer has been slowly creeping their way upmarket with some really appealing designs. The newest model to watch my attention is the Mediterraneo watch with the inset strips of wood. Note that not all Mediterraneo watches have the wood insets. The purpose of this is to recall the style of yachts and boats, in the Mediterranean that is. I have to say the nautical suggestion is well done. This watch evokes a boating feel, not simply a diving feel. And that really makes it different. Most other boating watches are too much like diving watches to me, and while diving watches are a passion I have, I'd like more variety.

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Inside is a workhorse ETA 2824-2 automatic movement that has powered a legion of diving watches successfully. Limes encases the movement in the super hard Ickler case with a screw down back. The case surfaces are matte finished for that masculine, technical look. Choosing from a rubber strap or metal bracelet, the Limes Endurance 1Tausend Diver will fit as you please it to. Both straps offer screwed in lug pins.

See Temption watches on Amazon here.Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available Watch Releases

Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available Watch Releases
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Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available Watch Releases
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Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available Watch Releases
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Suunto recently introduced an entry level dive computer that they're calling the D4. It's not as complex as either the D9 or the Vyper we covered previously; rather, Suunto describes it as "the introductory model in the Suunto diving line". When you're talking about Suunto, however, even "introductory" means an astounding number of features for both SCUBA divers, and free divers. Blogging Break Until February 27 Blogging Break Until February 27

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Although the company has now very clearly moved away from this original niche market, its focus continues to remain on high-end, limited edition pieces which feature precious metals and incredible attention to detail. The Titanic DNA Day & Night is certainly no exception in this regard, the features speaking for themselves:
Movement - “RJ One”, developed exclusively by BNB Concept
Functions - Double tourbillion, differential sequential - a world first
Case - Steel and titanium, 46 mm, Bezel in stabilised oxidised steel from the Titanic, Black ceramic claws, Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal and back, “stylised cross” bridges on the back, water-resistant to 50 m
Dial - Coal black, using coal from the holds of the Titanic
Bracelet/Strap - Full-skin Hornback crocodile with folding clasp
Everyone will have their own opinions on this incredible timepiece, but one thing that can’t be disputed is its uniqueness. And that is worth an awful lot of money to at least 9 people on this planet.

Suunto Core Line Is Anything But Middlestream Wrist Computer

Suunto Core Line Is Anything But Middlestream Wrist Computer

Easy Looking At The Easy Diver, Dive Watch Series By Roger Dubuis Watch Releases

Something about the almost aged look of the red on black gives the Defy Extreme Stealth Limited Edition the look of a cold war submarine. Matte finished on the colors with red propellers. There might have never been a vessel in these colors, but the Zenith convinces me that there was. Like a submarine the Zenith Defy Extreme series can withstand intense, dare I say, extreme conditions. With a water resistance of 1000m meters and a highly shock resistant construction, the Defy Extreme will take you where your body cannot survive. I am not sure how well the watch will hold up again a hammer blow, but it certainly can laugh at all means of wind, watch, g-forces, magnetic fields, and pressure that you can throw at it. Accordingly, in defiance of the elements, the Zenith Defy Extreme Stealth states conspicuously on the face that it is "For Extreme Condition Use." Regardless, it will still look good if you only intend on extreme condition use, at some point, even if you consider walking into a Zenith watch store an extremely intriguing activity.

Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watches

LVMH Gobbles Up Hublot: Louis Vuitton Corporate Bag Gets Even More Stuffed

LVMH Gobbles Up Hublot: Louis Vuitton Corporate Bag Gets Even More Stuffed

Watch Ocean7 closer for new model and interesting watches. They now have a ceramic watch model, the Ocean7 LM-4, which has a wonderful simple and modern appearance to it. Ocean7 deserves praise for producing unique watches that don't insult the wallet.

Giger states that, "no one has seen me Swatch-less since 1982. A life with out Swatch for me, is unimaginable. It will be the only watch I wear until it falls off my wrist." Morbid as Giger's tone may be, it is nice to know he is a watch enthusiast and takes pride in the concept. He also comments on how he has been "grappling" with Swatch designs artistically. Meaning that it has been difficult for this normally agile artist to incorporate the Swatch watch into his artistic creations. Regardless, his works are thought provoking and recognizable. He takes the utilitarian simplicity of the Swatch design and multiplies it to create a pattern. This is the most effective way of amplifying the aesthetic value in something simple and functional.

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Two new watches point in both chronological directions. The first is not technically part of the Mille Miglia line, but aesthetically it cannot be removed. The Chopard Grad Prix de Monaco Historique 2008 watch in steel is a new production watch, with a rose gold limited edition of 500 pieces, and is an homage to the Monaco Automobile Club. Looking at the watch, one can immediately recognize the Mille Miglia underneath the classically styled watch. Use of dark circles in the upper and lower registers give the watch a bicompax look, which preserving the functionality of the watch's Valjoux 7750 movement inside by maintaining the third register (which keeps color of the rest of the dial).

Advertisers pay dearly for impressions and hopefully conversion (consumer converting to customer). The watch industry is such that many purchase decisions are done emotionally, but at the same time the character of the average watch consumer indicates that they are going to ask questions and do research. Upon using a site like Timezone to conduct research on a watch, a resulting absence of negative commentary may very well fuel and immediate purchase decision. This is what the advertisers are hoping for, but this is an obviously anti-consumer trend. Any consumer has the right to be informed, and ever advertiser has the right to know what negative things are being said about their product. In essence, Timezones policies are hampering beneficial product development by inhibiting valuable consumer feedback from reaching advertisers.

You might recognize the Temption CGK203 because I own one and reviewed it here. Check out the review for everything you wanted to know about this watch along with additional pictures. Part of me does want to purchase another one honestly. But considering I am trying to expand my collection rather than create too much redundancy, I will leave the opportunity open for you. Because the auction has an undisclosed reserve price, it is hard to say what it will go for. I'd say a reasonable price is about ,500.

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IWC Vintage Aquatimer Watch Looks Classic Good, Reminds You Of When Diving Was Not As Safe Watch Releases People have been diving for probably thousands of years, but it really became a science in the 20th century, after lots of envisioning occurred in the 19th century. The first diving watch was a Rolex because of its water resistance (Rolex Oyster case), but divers, like all people needed a variety. IWC decided to release the Aquatimer in the late 1960s, perhaps a little late on the bandwagon, but the Aquatimer was a nice watch. With the IWC Vintage Aquatimer, IWC pays homage to the original Aquatimer while at the same time releasing a fully capable diving instrument.

Concord C1 Chronograph Watch Design Critique: Mistake Of Form Over Function Watch Releases Well done however are the Concord C1 main hour and minute hands. While arguably also unimaginative, they are well suited to their purpose, and I particularly like the alternated sections with luminant. On the hour hand, the first segment of the hand is covered with luminant, while the second half of the hand is cut away. The opposite combination exists on the minute hand. Thus when the hands overlap, you can still see the lower hour hand underneath. I do think the minute hand extends to far in the aft section as it covers too much of the hour hand though. The alternation of elements on the hands is a fun idea, not perfectly executed, but appreciated nonetheless.

Artist Profile: The Imagery Of Time With Olga Narozhna Watch Style People starve to be different. The least likely of places you’d expect find individualism was Soviet-controlled Ukraine in the 1970s. Let me tell you about finding uniqueness among the seemingly generic, and a person that discovers and displays it.

Replica Piaget Possession

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Helix: New Brand Brings Cool And Rugged Okto Deep Black Diving Watch On The Cheap

Helix: New Brand Brings Cool And Rugged Okto Deep Black Diving Watch On The Cheap

Kobold Watch is an American watch company. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Kobold watches use Swiss parts with American insight. Kobold is led by the younger Michael Kobold, who has become quite the watch celebrity. Showcasing his favorite pieces on the wrists of many celebrities. The truth is, he didn't have to work very hard at it, because these are remarkable watches. As such, James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) and Kiefer Sutherland (Jame Bauer on "24" wore a PVD Kobold Phantom Tactical) have proudly displayed their fondness for Kobold watches both on and off screen. Not stopping there, Kobold works closely to provide Earth explorers and leaders of polar expeditions with Kobold watches, along with working with makers of automobiles such as Land Rover. The marketing message is clear; Kobold watches look good and do a lot.

Movement - Automatic

Omega Speed master

The gentlemen at Tourneau declined my offer to take pictures of them due to "company policy" against allowing pictures of the interior of the store. A ridiculous policy, but nevertheless enough to maintain that this attorney not glaringly violate their policies and then post pictures and write about it. If you make it to Las Vegas, you really need to visit this watch store. Funny enough, the Forum Shoppes in the Caesar's Palace is home to many watch stores, each enjoyable and well stocked. One could easily spend an entire evening simply going from store to store. While the salespeople are not exactly watch experts (I always feel the need to test them via conversation), they certainly can appreciate the appearance of the educated enthusiast.

It is no secret that precious jewels have always featured in men's high-end, luxury watches. Yet it seems that these days more and more of these jewels are finding their way onto dials, bezels and bands, as opposed to only being incorporated in the complicated movements that power these incredible timepieces. One brand that has recently taken this new trend to the next level is Concord, with their new C1 Chronograph. The watch features a 44mm white gold case, standing 16.70mm tall and is set with enough diamonds (184 to be exact, or a cool 2.4 carats) to ensure that anyone who tries to look directly at the dial risks potential permanent blindness.

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