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While the prices are a bit different, fans of the chronograph watches from Magrette will ultimately choose the style that they like best. Be it the cleaner polished and brushed steel Regattare or the more sporty and black Moana Pacific Chronograph PVD. Magrette will produce each of them as a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Price for the Magrette Moana Pacfiic Chronograph PVD will be 5 and the Magrette Regattare Chronograph will be 8.

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Cartier includes a deployment clasp that when closed, has a nicely added piece of rose-gold in the middle of the buckle. Like the bezel, the deployment clasp rose-gold buckle is adorned with black aDLC steel screws, which contrast superbly with the pinkish gold and the black aDLC monture.

You recently got a first look at the new BMW by Ball watch collection here on There you learned that Swiss Ball watches was to be a major timepiece making partner of the Bavarian Motor Works car company. The details were a bit scant but you learned what the pieces were going to look like as well as that there wold be four version to start - one of them a limited edition.

Speaking of props, I am speaking with Weiner as he wears a watch that in a sense is a real life Mad Men prop. In collaboration with the show, Jaeger-LeCoultre produced a limited edition of 25 pieces of the Reverso watch meant to appear like something from the actual story. Based on the Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin 1931 Tribute watch, the Mad for Reverso piece has a special engraving of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (SCDP) logo on the caseback (that flips over of course). I first debuted the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mad about Reverso watch here. I think the technical name of the watch is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin Tribute to Mad Men "Mad for Reverso" watch. There is some nice trivia for you.

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The good news is that TimeCrafters is open to the public for the reasonable admission price of at the door or FREE if you register online via their website. It is a good opportunity for watch lovers to converse with brands and have a more hands-on experience with the latest and greatest in high-end watch making. Brands will also feature special guests such as watch makers and designers from Switzerland to display their crafts and answer your most pressing questions.

In April, 2012 the watch giveaway piece was the USAgency Air Force One bundle. The giveaway included a watch, special box, wallet, and sunglasses. The winner of the giveaway - Ron B. from Israel - has now had some time with the watch and has offered a little review and some pictures. Thank again Ron, and to USAgency Watches:

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All of this started with a watch called the Chronoscope. The Ernst Benz Chronolunar model is essentially a Chronoscope with a 7751 versus 7750 movement. I am of course talking about the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7751 automatic movement which is having a bit of a renaissance these days. Built on the tried and true 7750 automatic chronograph, the 7751 adds a lot of stuff including an annual calendar, moon phase indicator, and synchronized 24 hour hand (AM/PM indicator). With the 7751 movement, a watch brand can get a lot of bang for their buck - as this is one of the best values when wanting a complex movement with a good base. Having said that, it is hard to design a wrist watch dial around it. I've mentioned this several times before, but I don't expect everyone to be an Ariel Adams' 7751 commentary expert.

Not wanting to shelve the attractive project, Romain Jerome opted for a logical fix, to include a second crown on the left side of the case used to rotate the inner bezel - just as most watches with inner dive bezels do. I actually prefer this "3 - 9 o'clock" crown layout to those which have a "2 - 4 o'clock" double crown layout. Otherwise the Octopus looks similar to that from 2011. However, there are a lot of little changes it seems, and this is really a new watch. According to Romain Jerome CEO Manuel Emch, they really had to build a lot of the watch from the ground up again. The dial actually looks better on this newer model in my opinion, and the overall piece feels well composed and legible. As a dive watch it feels functional, but still has all the signature RJ character that fans of the brand look for.

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Price wise, MARCH LA.B timepieces still represent a good value. With unique, quality designs, these are interesting watches from a brand that will likely continue to improve. These aren't mainstream watches, but they are watches that you don't need to explain to mainstream folk. The MARCH LA.B AM2 Bordeaux retails for ,895.

JS Watch Frisland God Special Edition With Eyjafjallajökull Ashes

JS Watch Frisland God Special Edition With Eyjafjallajökull Ashes

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So what are we to do? Stand up on our soap boxes preaching the Swiss-made gospel or just be satisfied if our wrist worn mechanical objects of desire get noticed enough for a quick compliment? The truth about the world's most expensive timepieces is that few people will notice or appreciate them. What Bovet has done here with a watch like the Recital 0 is play on that notion demanding people's attention through the use of a fully skeletonized dial and movement. People can't take their eyes off these I've noticed.

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Please note that the first events will be located in Los Angeles and New York City - so certainly sign up if you are nearby.

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Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Wish Watches Hands-On

The band initially feels heavier than you might expect from its look and definitely far more rigid. Nike makes three sizes and which to order is easy to determine with the aid of their printable sizing guide. Each size includes an 8mm and 16mm link along with a simple changing tool to cover a wide range of wrist sizes. Setting it up consists of downloading a small program from Nike's website and plugging in the FuelBand to one of your computer's USB ports. It fits easily into a side port on most laptops but also includes an extension cord and stand for desktop use. The program will ask you to enter some simple information such as height, weight, age, NikeFuel goal (more on that in a moment), and which wrist you want to wear it on. Although the differences are slight, the FuelBand is definitely shaped to fit your wrist a particular way. Selecting which wrist you want flips the main display to read towards you. Since I wear a watch on my left wrist I set the FuelBand for my right wrist. Unfortunately the FuelBand was obviously designed with a left wrist bias so changing this puts the colored LED meter on the beveled edge facing away from you. It's an annoyance but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

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Donald Brewer (Founder and President of Phosphor Watches) was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about the Touch Time:

According to Dubey & Schaldenbrand, the movement finishing and decoration is done in-house. As you can see, on one limited edition model of the Grand Dome there is a lot of hand engraving and decor on the automatic rotor as well as on a movement bridge. It looks quite nice. This is another one of those instances where a brand is able to take something common like a 7750/7751 base and make it look really nice using a lot of their own in-house talent and effort. It goes without saying that the movements are visible through a rear-mounted sapphire caseback window.

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One final thing I would like to say about the watch is its amazing presentation, first, the stunningly beautiful engraving on the back of the watch, the watch has a steel back with a bead blasted finish, and has a highly detailed engraving of the US Presidential Seal on it, USAgency is the only company licensed to engrave this on their watches, and it looks awesome.

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