Take on the High Seas with a New Diver’s Watch

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SwissKubiK watch winders are all perfect squares (10cm x 10cm) for the single winders. Though the company does make units that are meant to wind multiple watches. They also offer grid-like units that allow for you to insert a number of winders. At the same time, the cubic nature of the winders makes them easy to be stacked neatly. SwissKubiK winders are made in Switzerland with all Swiss, and some French parts. My understanding is that the French parts mostly come from auto industry suppliers. This makes sense as the materials used in the winders has that high-grade feel.

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If Richard Mille and Hublot had a developmentally disabled child, it would be Cvstos. I kid! The Swiss brand never fails to amuse me. Especially the "V" style "U" in their name. I must admit though that the V looks better in writing. "Custos" just looks odd. Some of their designs I like, some I don't. This Challenge-R 50 Chronograph watch has some things to admire, and areas to make fun of. What is interesting is that most of these watches are available for half price online.

You can see the tourbillon at the end of the minute hand (otherwise known as "the Freak" hand). Plus, the tourbillon is a flying one minute tourbillon and the minute hand carousel system is also flying, on the original Freak, it had a small pinion connected to the sapphire crystal that acted like a palette. There is an image of the standard Freak mother model below so that you can compare. The Freak Diavolo is totally a 'flying machine,' and if you liked the original Freak, you will more than likely enjoy the Diavolo. You can compare the two watches to see the style changes on the dial. Much of the watch is the same though. Including the case - which he is 44.5mm wide and in 18k white gold matched to a black alligator strap.

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Each of the Louis Moinet Jules Verne Instrument watches is available with either a black or silver dial and limited to 60 pieces. That means there are 240 of the limited edition watches available. I also hear that there are a few blue and Havana (tobacco brown) dials available in even more limited editions. Prices for the watch at about ,900 each - and pretty darn worth it if you have the means and the dreams.

Techne Sparrow Hawk Watch Review

Techne Sparrow Hawk Watch Review

This is the tenth Opus collection watch from Harry Winston since 2001.It is deviously complicated to explain what it does or how it works. Just looking at the  Opus X watch makes it seems like a simple matter of having various dials for various pieces of information. What you wouldn't understand is that the entire dial is moving, while the entire dial is moving. Harry Winston calls it a "planetary system." Aside from that the white gold case is pretty sweet, and the overall look, while technical, has a certain pleasantness to it. Don't you agree?

In the world of limited edition Panerai watches there are cool ones and boring ones. This is one of the really cool ones. I also love that they all (limited to 100 pieces) sold out within one hour of being released. This is the Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 358, and was specially made for the Parisian high-end watch store Chronopassion. The PAM 358 is a pretty crazy watch. Water resistant to 2500 meters (over 8,000 feet), the watch is shaped like a diving vessel with a large rounded bottom. It is known as a "destro" model, or lefty model, because the crown is on the left side of the watch. It is really thick as well - even by Panerai standard. The case is 47mm wide in titanium with a special rotating diver's bezel that is in steel. This is one of the most coveted, ultimate Panerai dive watches out there.

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See my Hublot King Power Tourbillon Manufacture watch article at Haute Lving here.

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Hublot Big Bang Steel 44mm 301SX1170RX Rubber Black Complete Ret 13700
Time Remaining: 1h 6m
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Hublot King Power Tourbillon Manufacture Watch Watch Releases
Hublot Big Bang Black Dial Mens Watch 301SX130SX
Time Remaining: 1h 9m
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Hublot King Power Tourbillon Manufacture Watch Watch Releases
4pcs BLACK PVD Replacement H Screws 65mm FIX FOR Hublot STRAPS BEZELS
Time Remaining: 1h 28m
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Hublot King Power Tourbillon Manufacture Watch Watch Releases
Brand New Excellent Mens 44 MM Hublot Big Bang 301SB131RX Diamond Watch 10 Ct
Time Remaining: 1h 31m
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Hublot King Power Tourbillon Manufacture Watch Watch Releases
Hublot Big Bang w diamond bezel
Time Remaining: 1h 46m
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Hublot King Power Tourbillon Manufacture Watch Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 2h 26m

While still at the mission in the arctic Xue received a strange call from Linde Werdelin about her Oktopus watch and that she was needed to attend a meeting at the LW HQs is Copenhagen. The LW employee assured her that she shouldn’t be worried about the reason behind the meeting. On the contrary, she implied that Xuë's spell of beginner's luck at the roulette had just started. “You won't believe how lucky you really were when you ordered this Oktopus watch, Miss Cheng.” “If you say so” Cheng Xuë had replied somewhat skeptically, before ending the conversation. The two women had agreed to meet in two weeks, in Copenhagen upon Xue's return.

I recently learned that Italian Anonimo watches have returned to the US. Sources indicated that until just recently they had abandoned the United States market! Now Anonimo USA is pledging a full scale eruption of "Anonomic" proportions. Well I just made that one word up, but it seems to fit. With a history linked to Panerai and a style that is similar, the brand has a rich and dedicated following with some good looking products. I'd love to get my hands on some soon. Click here for an example of a very long and through homage to their popular Polluce line of watches.

Operating the watch winder is really simple. Basic operation simple involves a small on/off switch in the front of the unit. While in operation, the switch occasionally blinks green. The number of blinks has to do with the mode it is in (which can be changed via connecting the unit to your computer). I like the little pulsing green light, and the ease of operating the winder. Over the watch winder access area there is a folding transparent door that protects the watch. The door click into place via the hinges, and has a good solid built quality to it.

Pictured here is also the limited edition Tag Heuer Carrera 300 SLR. Also including the Calibre 1887 movement. Limited to 1887 pieces, this more retro version of the watch is meant to honor the classic Mercedes Benz 300 SLR car. The watch is in brown(ish) with a gradient dial, and orange highlights. It has a very cool brown leather perforated strap (done in unique manner). The dial design is clearly different, but the watch is of course very similar to the standard 1887 watch. It does have a tachymeter, but on the chapter ring, not on the bezel. Price for it is pretty high compared to the non-limited models at close to ,000.

Interesting Interview With Laurent Picciotto - Chronopassion Owner And Horology Ambassador  Feature Articles

TiVan15 version (Calibre 781): Q203T470 - ,700
Red gold version (Calibre 780): Q2032470 - ,400

U-Boat U 1001 Limited Edition Watch Review

U-Boat U 1001 Limited Edition Watch Review

In sating finished and polished titanium, the case is 42mm wide, and wears a bit large. It is water resistant to 100 meters, and has front and rear sapphire crystals. Movement is a Swiss ETA 2894-2 automatic, with a special signature Porsche Design rotor. The chronograph pushers and crown have grated surfaces for traction and ease of use (as well as design). Luminant is applied to the hands and I believe the hour indicators as well.

The green, white, and red colors of the power reserve indicator disc are a subtle reminder that this new limited edition watch from Oris has something to do with Italy. The dive watch is actually made as a limited edition piece with the Col Moschin in mind. Col Moschin is the Italian special forces. The only one that they have I believe. They seem pretty bad-ass (duh), and are known for having a very arduous training regiment. Col Moschin is also known as the Italian 9th Parachute Assault Regiment (you can read more about them here). While most of the elements from the Oris Col Moschin limited edition watch are taken from other Oris dive models, there are a few unique elements that makes the watch worth looking at.

Casio Pathfinder PAW-5000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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See Panerai watches on eBay here.

There aren’t likely to be that many people who read IWC’s history book in its entirety. It isn’t that type of book. It is meant to be a large coffee table sized publication meant for perusal and short stints of reading. Each time you sit down with it, you can open up a different section, and see if there are items you want to explore further. Pages aren’t cluttered with text, and only a few sections have long portions of text without a break. The book even has two book-mark strings — assuming you might be looking at more than one section at a time.

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"[T]his year I've seen some totally out-there products that take buyers for fools. If there's one lesson 2009 should have taught us, it's never again, yet looking around I can see this isn't necessarily the case. Watchmaking, like banking, is prepared to go back to the same old ways that hastened its fall. It bothers me to see contractors in dire financial straits."

The steel cased watches are 42mm wide and a nice shape. The black models are DLC (diamond like carbon) coated - which as you know is stronger than PVD. The strong looking lugs help even out the smoothness of the round case. Plus, the tapering straps help give the watch a nice organic look that is common among Mediterranean deigned watches. I also like the use of the "metal protrusion" between the lugs that serve an important use to prevent boring empty space and a custom look. No luxury watch wants to look like it has any interchangeable parts (with other timepieces). Remember what I said about unbroken lines? Well look at the visually integrated crown and chronograph pushers (on the chronograph models that is). Like an arc, the crown, crown guard, and sloped chronograph pushers form a graceful shape together. Not forgetting the need for this look on the three-hand models, Vittorium simply extends the crown guards to give it that same look.

Although URWERK’s success seems so obvious now, Felix reminded me over lunch a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles that it took 10 years for the company to gain respect. Nonetheless, that aspect doesn’t concern Felix much. He’s always been one to go his own way.