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Speedmaster Lunar Dust 311.

Blancpain Villeret Pulsometer Flyback Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The number, 45, also informs the watch itself. This is a very limited-edition, with only 45 pieces being produced (which explains how the cases can be numbered by hand engraving). Given the limited nature and the upgrades given to the watch, it is no surprise that the price has gone up considerably from the "base" Islandus. If you are looking to get one, the JS Watch Islandus 45 Years Anniversary Edition is available at a price of ,

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Watches that offer both solar power and atomic radio time-syncing, I am willing to bet, call to mind for you, as they do for me, watches that hail from Japanese companies – and for good reason. Brands such as Casio have really made atomic solar watches a big part of their portfolio, offering a variety of styles. It might come as a bit of a surprise, then, to learn that German Junghans' Force Mega Solar is not a completely new foray for the brand.

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The next watch is colorfully named Psychedelic Sunsets and reminds me of the animation in the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Mr. Jones Watches worked with artist Edward Carvahlo-Mongahan on the Psychedelic Sunsets watch, who claims the design is inspired by the shifting look of the city and sky as the sun move over them, over time.

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Of course, the watch comes standard on a matching Grand Seiko titanium bracelet, but I've seen people put timepieces like this on straps. There are a lot of interesting color options that would go well with this watch actually. Having said that, I am pretty sure that I would keep mine on the bracelet. From a durability and sports standpoint, even though the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE015 has the look of a dive-style watch it isn't exactly one. However, with 200 meters of water resistance, it is among the more durable Grand Seiko models, as most have 100 meters of water resistance. Seiko wants to make sure that you can go swimming in pretty much any Grand Seiko model, but I like that while you may not be able to rely on this Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT as a professional diving tool, you could (if you wanted to) take it recreational diving. Then again, why do that, when Seiko has NO shortage of great dive watches such as the Marinemaster collection.

Facing the dilemma of potential obsolescence, first in the face of inexpensive equivalent competition (quartz watches) in the 1980s, mechanical watch companies decided to go "high-end." In the late 90s and early 2000s, high-end watch companies faced yet another foe: the ubiquity of the mobile phone (which indicates the time). This prompted them to go even higher-end. Pretty much, the only way to compete in a market of effective cheap stuff is to distinguish your product as being classier, better made, more exclusive, and "the type of thing rich and famous people with good taste own." These aren't bad tactics, in theory, but actually achieving it is complicated and less than straight-forward.

Fortunately for fans of the brand, the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater will not be a limited or special edition piece. But given the complexity of it, we expect production to be extremely limited. Finally, the price of the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater is around 440,000 Euros.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400SR Two-Tone Watch Hands-On

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400SR Two-Tone Watch Hands-On

SIHH 2016:Rolex GMT-Master-II Replica

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"Extremely complicated" is a term we are used to hearing when it comes to Patek Philippe – for all the other most notable pieces check out our article on the 17 rarest and most expensive Patek Philippe watches here. The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime however comes in at the very top of the food chain, with its massive 47.4 millimeter wide and 16.1 mm thick case and incredibly intricate movement comprising 1,366 components – including three gongs and three hammers and altogether 20 complications displayed over two dials. The case is also reversible, meaning it flips around. The movement also has a unique 3.5 Hz (25,200 bph) frequency.

So while adding clear value and advantage to your Submariner and filling a gap left by Rolex by not having after market straps, the RubberB rubber strap for the Rolex Submariner and GMT Master II has one considerable shortcoming in that it does not ease the difficulty of replacing Rolex bracelets. Arguably, there is not much RubberB can do about the construction of Rolex watches, but this issue is particularly apparent when I compare it with Panerai watches, where I can easily decide what strap to wear minutes before wearing the watch. With the RubberB-Rolex combination, the process is so involved that one has to pretty much plan to keep the watch with the strap for months so that the change is worth the effort. By no means is this a reflection on RubberB, but rather on Rolex's typical tight control over all aspects of their watches.

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The problem these two circular patterns create is that none of the three hands reach their respective tracks, with the hour and minute hands falling short noticeably. Therefore, not only does the watch wear bigger due to its slim bezel, but the insufficiently sized hands further emphasize that: and with a design as clean and relatively simple as that of the Claude Bernard 83014, I found that this literal shortcoming bugged me even weeks into having the watch.

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All of this is made possible by the self-winding calibre MB29.20. Earlier, I mentioned that the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Obris Terrarium has an in-house developed worldtime complication, and I say this because the base of the movement comes from Sellita, with the worldtime function being added using a module. The module, however, is developed completely by Montblanc, and from what we have heard, is not just a simple sandwich job. Rather, the complication is integrated into the movement, which could also explain why the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum is just 12mm and not thicker, as some of the other watches with modular complications are. The MB29.20 beats at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

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Announced today, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch heralds in a few additional features and specs to the Korean electronic giant's quickly growing smartwatch collection of products. Samsung has taken a decidedly "un-Apple-like" approach to their development of smartwatches by releasing pretty much every iteration of their smartwatch products in fast succession, versus waiting and tweaking until they have what they feel is "just right." The approach has helped Samsung gain a lot of notoriety for being first in a lot of categories, but reviews and media response to their smartwatches are lukewarm at best in many instances.

All in all, the new Blancpain Villeret Pulsometer Flyback Chronograph is unmistakably a member of Blancpain’s Villeret family. The double-stepped case, large roman numerals, and enamel dial makes for a very classic looking watch. And despite the pulsometer scale, the dial remains relatively clean and uncluttered. However, the skeletonized hour and minute hands look a little out of place and I’m pretty sure some would be unhappy at the “VI” being cut off by the date window.

The New and Vintage Omega Speedmaster Mark II Replica

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As a limited edition, Montblanc will predictably produce less models of the Montblanc Homage To Nicolas Rieussec in 18k rose gold and more in steel, but the collection is still relatively limited. Montblanc will produce 193 Montblanc Homage To Nicolas Rieussec timepieces in 18k rose gold and 565 pieces in steel priced at ,400 and ,500 respectively.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends October 10, 2014

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends October 10, 2014

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Clearly, a lot of thought went into the creation of the Patek Philippe 4968 Diamond Ribbon, and it shows. I especially enjoy the more joyful double-pattern of the diamonds, paired with the classical mother-of-pearl dial and large Arabic numerals. The icing on the cake surely is the hand-wound 215 caliber, which renders it a blue-blooded, very refined ladies's watch. Price for the Patek Philippe 4968 Diamond Ribbon watch is ,600.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 5, 2014

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 5, 2014

Another issue with making high-end watches for women is knowing just what most women want. Let's forget for a moment that, even though there are many beautiful ladies' jewelry timepieces out there, the watch industry is a mostly male-dominated field when it comes to management. The traditional notion was that women didn't even want mechanical movements, but rather simple quartz movements inside of attractive cases decorated with precious materials. While, to a large degree, that is still true, there is a growing sentiment in the watch industry that many women want mechanical watches produced exclusively for them.

Direct MP3 download here. Under New Management: Interview With Founder Under New Management: Interview With Founder

Omega Speedmaster Mark II 327.10.43.50 (Re-introduced)

As one would expect, the more expensive – and more massive – Barrington Double Watch Winder gives more room literally as well as in price to get even the smaller details right. The Barrington Double Watch Winder does what it says on the cover: it incorporates two winding compartments, which can be operated separately from one another – more on that a bit later. The large, but still very manageably sized 9.5×7.1×10.3 inch (24×18×26.2 centimeter) case has enough room for a small drawer with a compartment for two watches, a few straps, and a strap changing tool. I found this to be useful with the setup you see above: two automatic watches found their place in the winding slots while a smart watch and a hand-wound timepiece were stored in the drawer. I will admit that I could not quite appreciate this safe and tidy way of storing watches until I tried it myself.

A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Tourbillon Pour Le Mérite Watch White Gold Boutique Edition Watch Releases

As you may likely be aware, the ticking noise you hear your watch making comes from the interaction of the escapement, more specifically, the repeated contact between the pallet fork and the escape wheel. Every time the balance wheel changes direction, the whole thing comes to a (temporary) stop, and then starts back up again once the balance wheel is in motion. Obviously, this stopping and starting is not the most efficient use of the energy stored in the barrel.