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Black alligator leather strap with hand stitches
Pink gold folding buckle

Art Basel is a decidedly high-end event. Its principle sponsor is of course a bank (UBS), and a select group of major sponsors such as Ruinart champagne, Davidoff, Netjets, and Audemars Piguet are brands which are indicative of the demographic of people who wander the halls admiring or critiquing art of all varieties.

By the early 20th century, the Swiss watch industry was comprised of larger manufactures (etablisseurs) which were assembling complete watches mostly from purchased parts and movement kits and workshops (ateliers) which specialized in either making different parts or building ébauches. In practice, this meant that a number of ateliers were making very specific components (such as the balance spring, mainspring and other parts that demanded great precision and expertise) while other workshops were building semi-assembled watch movements (ébauches). Ébauches are movements that contain most basic structural elements but are not equipped with a mainspring or the escapement. You might rightfully ask, "If everyone had been making parts and unfinished movements, then who built watches?" The answer is that the blank movements, as well as all other components, were sold by these independent workshops to watch assembling firms (etablisseurs) who then modified, decorated, fully assembled and regulated them for their own timepieces. However...

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Swiss Hublot has its hands in a lot of things, ranging from sponsorships to limited edition watches that seem to celebrate other limited editions. We can't cover them all, but once in a while there is an image or story that we just have to share. It looks like Hublot is sponsoring an Exosuit for the European team that is continuing to dive and explore the region around where the Antikythera device was found. UPDATE: Hublot has (of course) released a limited edition watch called Hublot Oceanographic ref. EXO4000 731.QX.EXO14.

Don't get me wrong, I love a standard black-on-steel Moonwatch as much as the next guy, it's a classic that deserves to be both protected and continued by Omega. As a watch, the Speedmaster Moonwatch represents a truly appealing and well-rounded offering in the sport watch market, whether you look at any of the past legacy models or the still-fresh Co-axial 9300 versions (hands-on review), like the all-titanium model shown here.

On these watches, the efforts are focused on the back. They start off with gold appliques applied directly to the movement. To these, then, paints are applied under the magnification of a microscope. which complement the hand-finished adornments that complete a full portrait of the leader, with iconography most associated with the man.

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TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends August 1, 2014

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends August 1, 2014

When I arrived early on Saturday AM, I was able to see the ORIS team cheer on their plane finishing second in that race. High and far from the field, we watched the various planes flying in mile-long loops and coming as close as hundreds of feet from the ground and from the safety zone established for race attendees.

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So confident were Bulova of the accuracy of the Accutron that they didn't even include a setting stem on the side of the watch, but instead placed it in the back of the case.

Vicenterra GMT-3 Volume 2 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

True, the Citizen Altichron collection does not have as many features as other multi-sensor watches, such as Casio's famed Pro Trek collection, but the idea here is more about design and making it entirely analog. Citizen knows that when you add too many features to an analog dial things get horrendously confusing very quickly, so it wanted to keep things (relatively) simple, yet visually intriguing on the Altichron Cirrus.

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aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

Months after SIHH 2014, and I am only now able to discuss my hands-on time with my favorite new IWC Aquatimer watch for this year. Out of all the new Aquatimer watches (it was year of the diver, after all, at IWC) the IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 ref. IW358002 (aka ref. 3580) is my top pick as a dive watch nerd. Based on the design of the iconic 1982 IWC Ocean 2000, the IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 incorporates some of the Ocean 2000's 80s sci-fi elements with the comforts of a modern watch.

At 42.5mm wide, this is larger than most Breguet Classique collection watches which average maybe 39mm wide or less. In fact, the 5287 is a larger and more distinctive version of the Breguet 5247 collection. Each of those watches was 39mm wide, and included the same movement. I think the last 5247 watch was the version with an enamel dial. Most all of them featured a retro-style snailed tachymeter scale. Those are neat, but I prefer the scale on the 5287, which is beautifully subtle.

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on May 14, 2014 for the winner to be chosen at random.

As it is with the also new Romain Jerome 1969 collection, the Skylab has a somewhat new case for the brand. The 1969 collection pieces are a hair smaller at 43mm wide with a slightly different case (and are generally a bit more dressy), but the 44mm wide Romain Jerome Skylab case is still very wearable and mixes the boldness you come to expect from a Romain Jerome case in what feels like a slimmer package.

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Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm Watch Hands-On: Story Of The Bigger Bang

Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm Watch Hands-On: Story Of The Bigger Bang

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As I mentioned in the introduction, these sort of "vintage reissues" give you some great reliability in an older-styled package. Here, reliability and accuracy comes in the form of their 8147 automatic movement, based on the beloved ETA 7750, which makes for a very well-known quantity your local watch shop should be able to maintain for you. Inside a modern case that's sealed up with the sapphire crystal on top, this isn't a watch that you should have much concern with it standing up to daily wear.

1. Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. Watch In Pink Gold Hands-On

The Japanese have a manga for pretty much everything, so that they would have one to explain watch history is not particularly surprising. I think there is a manga version of the Christian bible as well. As a watch or F.P. Journe collector, it is a cool item to have since it is genuinely interesting as a novelty. It is also a great way of learning what Journe would look like if he was an anime character. This isn't actually the first time a watch brand has dabbled in comics. Linde Werdelin had a small comic series called The Perfect Five back in 2010, and in the same year Urwerk had a promotional comic book. Don't you just love the stuff that indy brands will do?

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Of course, there will always be a market for expertly diamond-set watches and I cannot see why the Logical One Secret would not be a successful one among them in its own way. But at the same time what I also see is a slightly missed opportunity to create a truly elegant iteration of a superb concept, something that would make for one of the strongest packages among today's most luxurious dress watches.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch: Engraved White Gold + Sapphire Crystal Case

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch: Engraved White Gold + Sapphire Crystal Case

Many are perplexed and puzzled when we say that there is no one best watch brand and that, no, we do not have a favorite timepiece. Asking us to pick a favorite watch, one that we would gladly wear for the rest of our lives, is like asking which leg we would rather lose. There’s simply no answer. If you still have trouble understanding this concept, perhaps it is best that you read Ariel’s recent commentary.

Revisiting Le Brassus: Audemars Piguet Watches Mix Serious Horology With Iconic Designs Inside the Manufacture

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4. Cleaning your watch is as simple as using a little bit of mild soap and gently warm water. Sonic jewelry cleaners and very hot water can damage them.

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Should you want to dive, however, the 500m WR rating will keep the Calibre C609 movement nice and dry.  Just make sure you remember to set your timing bezel before you head below the waves.  For those unfamiliar with it, there's an innovative flip-lock lever at the 2 o'clock position that will prevent accidental resets of the bezel when you're diving, which seems to me like a handy feature to have.

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4. Why The Swatch Group Sued Tiffany & Co. And Won About 0 Million

Unlike in case of the 1815 Tourbillon of Lange, where the the tourbillon is stopped and then reset immediately after pulling out the crown, the tourbillon and the large central seconds of the Parallax keep on moving until they reach the 60 (i.e. the 12 o'clock) position. It is only once they point "upwards" that they hack, and remain stationary until the time has been set and the crown has been pressed again to return to the winding mode. It is remarkably interesting to see how a major brand which is Lange and a small independent of Grönefeld set for themselves, and tackled, the exact same task in slightly different ways. While Lange's 1815 Tourbillon relies on immediate action made possible by heart shaped cam, as is used in the reset function of mechanical chronographs, the solution by Grönefeld uses a different approach and makes for a less instant, albeit nonetheless effective solution. It would be tough to say whether the snappy action of the Lange or the "magically" stopping tourbillon and hand of Grönefeld is the more compelling – what we do know however is that both of them are technically hugely impressive indeed.

The asymmetric dial has a retrograde second time zone indicator that, at first glance, looks an awful lot like a power reserve indicator. Look closely, and you'll realize it is an hour hand with twelve indicators. Diagonally from it is a day/night indicator that I presume works with the second time zone to indicate AM or PM times. Also on the dial is a subsidiary seconds dial and a big date indicator. The layout is interesting and appears balanced, but it feels as though the second time zone is harder to read than it could be.