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Welcome To Bright Star

We, Bright Star Educational Institution, based at south India wish to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in the field of educational services with a hands on experience (more than 25 years), having our formidable presence in the field of education and catering to various educational services in Tamilnadu, (India). Among other things, our strong forte includes in the field of  handwriting teaching methodology and script analysing. Our handwriting and Research wing have well trained and experienced professionals who provide an indepth training to the learners. You would agree that good handwriting gives an impressive and positive note of a person presenting it. We express with all humility that we could make a strong foothold by our sheer involvement and interest in the field of education by serving many prestigious schools located predominantly in South India to show remarkable progress in students  Handwriting & Communicative English skills.

Our Courses

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Bright Star

Handwriting Training

A good many boys and girls have a handwriting that is well nigh illegible. They have trouble writing clearly. They spend many hours drawing ovals, interoven one after the other in almost endless  

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Bright Star

Trainer From Bright Star

Well trained & experienced Handwriting teachers from Bright Star will be sent for teaching Handwriting. Weekly one period per class should bealotted for handwriting in the regular time table.

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Bright Star

Training For School Teachers

Training For School Teachers Instead of appointing special Handwriting teachers, Regular school teacher will be given excellent training in "Handwriting Teaching Methodology".

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Bright Star


Well trained and experienced Communicative English trainers from Bright Star will be sent for teaching communicative English.Weekly one or two periods per class should be allotted for Communicative

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Bright Star

Montessori Training

The importance of Pre-primary schooling has been well recognized today. An effective Pre-primary education system caters to the total development of the child. 

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News & Events

Quarterly Celebration

The first quarterly celebration for both department trainers, Handwriting and communicative English was conducted in the play group of AVP Trust National Matriculation school on 27th  & 28th September 2016. The facilitators enjoyed with cake cutting and employee of the term award at the end of the workshop.

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Communicative English Day

We have taken a keen interest in bringing Communicative English Day as mandatory implementation. Communicative English Day encompasses various activities. Well drawn colorful sketches with suitable foot notes and danglers would decorate the classrooms that would invite the audience automatically to the function. 

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Certification for students

Cambridge English Exams, SGS Accreditation etc

Our Testimonials

What Parent's Say About Us?


TO WHOMSOEVERV IT MAY Concern This is to certify that Mrs.Sathya Charles with her team are conducting a handwriting course for the students from standard I to IX in our Institution.The course benefited our students to a greater extent.I wish her success in all her endeavours and may God Bless her


TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Mrs.Sathya charles&her team are conducting a "Handwriting Course" for the students.Their admirable effort has proven their writing better. I wish her success in all her endeavours.May God bless her.

Infant jesus matriculation .Hr.Sec.School,Tripur

This is to certify that Bright Star Institution is conducting hand writing course in our school in all students from STD I to STD XII since 2005. They have been doing a commendable job and handwriting of the students have improved considerably well. We wish them success in future.

Vidyamandir Matric. Hr., Tiruppur

This is to certify that the Bright Star has conducted the hand writing course for our institution. This course benefited the students and great improvement was shown. Bright Star did an excellent job by giving them good handwriting. I wish them success in all their endeavours.

Hindustan Matric. Hr., coimbatore

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